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The main purpose of SEO is to increase more visitors to the business’ online presence. This can only be achieved by increasing the rank of the website to the very top of SERP.

Local SEO

Optimizing local keywords to attract local audience or customers.

eCommerce SEO

Optimizing Online Shopping stores to generate leads.

Industry wise SEO

We have good experience in optimizing industry specific websites, such as Real Estate, Restaurant, Dental, Lawyers & so on,..

Our SEO Services

Reputation Management SEO

Manage the online reputation of a person, place, thing, site, brand, etc

Video SEO

Optimizing Videos to rank on top YouTube and Google to attract more visitors.

Voice Search SEO

Optimizing question related keywords to answer a voice search.

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Boost Your Website with SERP Ranker SEO Services Chennai

As the number 1 SEO services company in Chennai, we work with you to create or improve your online presence through effective SEO strategies. Our SEO services will improve your website traffic, leads, your revenue, brand awareness, and even improve your customers’ trust.

More traffic

Visibility and traffic directly correlate, when your visibility increases so do the number of visitors to your website.

More Business Growth

With the increase in traffic, an increase in prospects, and increased brand awareness, you are presented with new opportunities for business growth.

More Trust and Authority

Once your website is optimized and ranking on top the search results, you become more like an authority. We will help grow your trust and market authority in Chennai.

More leads

We target the audience most likely to be interested in your products and services hence increasing quality leads.

More Brand Awareness

More brand awareness means your customers recognize you more by your name. They, therefore, will always think of you first and often giving you an advantage over your industry competitors.

More Revenue

Turning targeted leads to paying customers is easier thus more leads to more revenue.

How can SEO Services improve your online presence in Chennai?

SEO Services chennai

Search Engine Optimization is one of the best ways to establish and improve an online presence in localities like Chennai. SEO is, however, an umbrella term for several interdependent strategies and not a single strategy. They include website audit, keyword research, content creation and implantation, on-page SEO among others.

An SEO audit may include the expert looking into your website, the website’s analytics, your google search console, website speeds, website’s backlinks, and through these areas of improvement, the websites are discovered thus creates opportunities for SEO.

Keyword research is the process of investigating the words, phrases, and language that people search on their search engines intending to learn what terms to use for your title, tags, and even include in the content. Keyword research also helps in targeting leads.

Content is very important whether the business is online or offline. It is the content that ranks in search engine and it is through content that you reach the target audience and even convert them. Some popular contents are blogs, service pages, product pages, and long-form content. Proper keyword research is vital for content creation.

On-page SEO optimization means applying SEO on the website itself. This focuses on things like the page having high speed, including multimedia on your page, having a page that’s responsive on all devices, and having quality content by having unique information properly worded in a well-designed page that loads fast.

Looking for increased ROI?

Return on investment is the key to every business. Good SEO services in Chennai are most likely to earn you the highest return on investment. Apart from the search engine results, return on investing in our SEO services can also be seen in the business bottom line.

Our SEO service management process


Before anything else, we do serious research looking into your company, website, competition in the industry, and many more. The findings of the research are used to create a strategic plan for the website’s SEO. This step entails a detailed analysis of the competitors, and an analysis of the site.


The content of your website determines the rankings and retention of customers. Most of your website visitors expect to be educated on your products and services and be guided through the buying process. We can help you create content that does more than just get the customer's attention by providing converting intriguing informative blog posts.

Ecommerce seo services chennai

Through keyword research, our SEO services will result in the right audience being targeted, which translates to valuable traffic, increased leads, and eventually high-value sales.


Through our dedicated developers, our SEO agency optimizes your website to be better understood by Google and other search engines and we also handle your on-page SEO to ensure you use titles that grab users’ attention, improve the website’s usability and update the architecture of the site.

Local seo services chennai
Earned Media & Links

Building links with trusted experts in your industry through our content marketing department places your website right where it is needed, in front of your audience and ahead of your competitors in Chennai.


Testing and continual improvement are important and our team does this through conversion path analysis, calls-to-action improvements, and continual improvement through ROI Tracking.

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Which SEO solution is right for you?

Local SEO Services

Local SEO optimizes your website for localized searches. Search engine results are usually localized even without geo modifiers in the search terms.

Local seo services chennai
Ecommerce seo services chennai

Ecommerce SEO Services

Ecommerce SEO focuses on optimizing your website to increase online orders. Through SEO you can significantly improve traffic to your website both in quantity and in quality. And increased quality traffic converts to increased revenue and growth for your online business.

SEO Expert Chennai

An SEO expert is someone with a deep understanding of how SEO works and can help improve your Search Engine rankings.

Local seo services chennai

How to choose the best SEO Service Company in Chennai?

Search Engine Optimization as a strategy is long term and it is critical to choose a company that will help you achieve the most. The following are key factors for a good SEO services management company to look for in Chennai.

An SEO service management company should be transparent with you through every step of the process and especially with pricing. A small local business needs as much transparency from the SEO service provider as an international brand. They should reveal their pricing from the very beginning possibly upfront on their website. This way they save time for all parties involved and allows you to choose the best fit for your budget.

Through positive customer reviews, previous clients can communicate to prospecting clients their wonderful experiences with the SEO service provider’s services. It is advisable to work with an SEO services management company with at least 100 testimonials. With less than 100 testimonials the company may not have been in business long enough for the necessary experience or their services may be sub-par.

Looking at an SEO service management company’s previous achievements is also a key way to determine if they are the best. Choose a company that is recognized for its strategies. This can be seen from the relevant trophies or awards they have been awarded for their work.

Why choose SERP Ranker for your website SEO Services?

SERP Ranker is the best fit for the website SEO services in Chennai for various reasons. However, the key major reason to choose SERP Ranker is their high-end analysis, better security, and dedicated help. They also understand the market in Chennai thus aware of the possible keyword searches.

100% Transparent

Once project started we will Share with you the access to you, so you can track data at any time.

Highly Skilled

Our SEO Experts are highly skilled and have minimum 2 years of experience in SEO Industry.

Positive Customer Reviews

You can understand our work culture and process by seeing reviews on various platforms.

Dedicated Help

We integrated WhatsApp to make communication better and easy for small updates and questions.

Frequently asked questions

These are services that focus on providing your online business with specialized SEO strategies that focus on e-commerce to improve your online search visibility.

The cost of SEO services depends on the services included. Generally, most projects range from ₹15,000 to ₹35,000 per month depending on their scope.

Our e-commerce SEO services come with a guarantee that some of the Keywords must appear in Google top search results.

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