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Wondering how and where to get an SEO Freelance in Chennai? My Certifications in Digital Marketing and Analytics will help you find the best SEO Freelancer by giving you the best tips to follow to find the best expert.

How to Choose the Best SEO Freelancer in Chennai?

When looking for an SEO freelancer to work within Chennai, there are several factors to consider. There are important questions that you must ask a freelancer before hiring them. Good SEOs whether freelancers or agency will always have a strategy. When giving you their strategy inquire about the following:

Always ask for an overview of their process before hiring one. The processes may vary but they mostly revolve around starting with research, and on-page SOE audit, and identifying keywords.

Before working with an SEO expert find out who they’ve worked with around Chennai before and their longest active clients. Good SEO experts will give legitimate and usually big-named businesses and provide proof of their results. That way you can gauge if they deliver and their level of experience. Watch out for SEOs with no long term clients as that is usually a warning to their harmful short term tactics.

When working with SEO experts or freelancers, timely and prompt reports are very important. The norm of the industry is monthly reports but you can decide on a different frequency. Always discuss how to go about the reports with the freelancer before working with them. Through these reports, you are able to keep track of business and the strategy’s progress. This is also a way to determine if the SEO freelancer is doing a good job or delivering as promised. A good report should contain among other things, the rundown of all activities, updates on your primary keywords’ rankings, and a section to showcase the increase search traffic.

Seasoned SEO experts have undoubtedly come across and or worked with penalized sites before. When sites violate certain guidelines their links can be devalued and the site can even be penalized which usually has devastating results and are not easy to recover. It is advisable to always find out how the freelancer handles such situations.

When you ask an SEO freelancer this question, it is an open-ended question but you should always be keen for some red-flags like the SEO freelancer telling you they are cheaper, offering quantity instead of quality for backlinks, suggesting shortcuts among others.

When choosing an SEO freelancer, it’s important to know the difference between legitimate SEO experts and SEO salespeople. Anybody promising a guaranteed #1 rank for your site is just in it for the sales. This is because:

1. SEO expert or agency should knows Google’s exact algorithm.

2. Google’s algorithm constantly and frequently changes and no one knows when it will change. • and penalties can always come up.

Link building is very vital for building an online presence and happens to be among the most difficult to accomplish on your own. Therefore, when hiring an SEO freelancer within Chennai, they must include link building in their package. Also, do pay attention to their link building deal. High-quality links are not cheap and any SEO freelancer offering extremely cheap links will almost always do more harm than good to your rankings.

Always choose SEO experts that follow Google’s guidelines. Google releases algorithms that penalize manipulative sites. Both on-page and off-page violations can be penalized and these penalties hard to recover from leading to loss of huge amounts of revenue.

Find out the freelancer contract termination terms and discuss any changes you’d like with them upfront. In the unlikely event that situations force you to terminate the contract before the agreed-upon time, it should find you aware of all your options.

The use of tools by SEOs is a very delicate area. Inquire about the tools they use. These tools can be reporting tools, technical SEO tools, research tools, and link building tools. The right combination of appropriate tools will save time and cost and can also help the SEO experts work within Google’s guidelines which is good for everyone. However, some tools especially link building tools are extremely dangerous and avoid working with SEOs using them. For example, always listen for names of tools like Xrumer and Bookmarking demons.

Google releases hundreds of algorithm updates annually and not all are significant but a good SEO expert should stay updated with all the major and significant updates. You can test the freelancer by having them list you and maybe brief on a few latest updates then you can confirm with other parties or read on them to be sure.

Be clear on what you expect from the SEO before choosing a freelancer and ask them how they’ll determine your success. They should explain to you the metrics to track which could be several things but the most common ones you should look at your keyword rankings, search traffic, return on investment, and or conversions.

When choosing an SEO freelancer it is important to ask about payment and the payment structure. For example, some charge project wise while some may be monthly if on retainer or by hour wise. This way you can choose an SEO expert whose price and structure fit your budget.

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What is the role of an SEO freelancer?

These are the main roles of an SEO freelancer in Chennai:

Why is SEO important for businesses?

SEO is important for establishing and improving an online presence for a business which in the long run results in increased revenue for the business. SEO for business leads to:

Why Choose SERP Ranker SEO Freelancer Chennai?

The Three major reasons for choosing SEO Freelancer Chennai:

Always on Time

Hard Working

24/7 Availability

Frequently asked questions

An SEO expert has more experience in SEO than you may have and thus they can see far more details that you can easily omit if you are to do the optimization yourself.

SEO freelancers are numerous but to get the best you should consider the following:

i. Their measure of success for your business.

ii. Their previous works.

iii. Their knowledge of the latest algorithm changes.

iv. The reasons they give you to hire them. This should be based on the quality of backlinks rather than their cheapness.

v. Their support structure, are they dedicated or not?

You can find best SEO Freelancer by checking Google other sites reviews and ratings. Crawl through the internet and look for referrals and testimonials.

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