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The main purpose of SEO is to increase more visitors to the business’ online presence. This can only be achieved by increasing the rank of the website to the very top of SERP.

What is Local SEO?

In every trade setting, the marketing department is always striving to ensure that they are visible online through a website (s). The fact is that just having a website is not enough to make you visible online. You SEO to get top ranking from search engines to stay on top of searches if compared with similar or competitors. 

Local SEO is the optimization of websites and other online properties like social accounts so that they can be found and highly ranked on localized searches. This is important for both service-based corporate and brick and mortar stores.

Importance of Local SEO Companyin Chennai Locality

Local SEO has been proved to be one of the most important marketing strategies. The finding is based on scientific research facts. Here is some data that will make you invest in Locals SEO.

46% of people are seeking local information

– GoGulf

According to GoGulf, a premium web development company based in Dubai, out of the total searches on Google, 46% were seeking local information and Chennai is a good local. For example, a local store that stocks this and that, a local restaurant that offers Chinese or Italian food, or even a local SEO company. Maximizing your local SEO will get you listed among these searches.

72% of people local searches are to visit stores

– HubSpot

HubSpot Marketing Statistics reported that 72% of local searches are done lead people to visit stores that were at most five miles. They also reported that 61% of local mobile searches contact local organization in cases where their websites mobile-friendly.

97% of people know about any company by online

– SEO Tribunal

Optimizing your local search is very critical as 97% of people get to know more about any company online than any other source or physically according to SEO Tribunal.

Tailored to their city codes

– SEO Tribunal

Consequently, when it comes to ads tailoring, 72% of tablet and/or computer users and 67% of smartphone users need ads that are tailored to their city codes.

“near me” and “close by” have increased by 900%

– Chat Meter

Chat Meter, a brand management platform that gives enterprises control of reputation and local SEO analytics gave a report that indicated that searches with the phrases “near me” and “close by” have increased by 900% nearly these days.

To reach $1.4 Trillion

– Forrester 

Forrester foresees that by local sales influenced by mobile devices is likely to surpass $1.4 trillion. To get a portion of the $ 1.4 trillion, you have to invest in local SEO.

78% always lead to an offline purchase

– SEO Tribunal

SEO Tribunal also found out that of all location-based mobile searches, 78% always lead to an offline purchase. Joel House Search Media also extrapolated that local searches lead to purchase 28% of the time.

18% of local searches led to purchase within a day

– Think with Google

Think with Google’s comparison of purchases made through local smart smartphones and non-local searches in a day reveal a derivation in sales. Only 7% of non-local smartphone searches led to purchases in a day while 18% of local searches led to purchase within a day. Additionally on daily leads, Nectafy reveals that 88% of people who find a commercial setting through local searches tend to make contact with the corporate within 24 hours.

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Benefits of Local SEO Services Chennai

Rightly Targeted Audience

Local SEO can be ranked as the best and right audience target setter. While setting your business strategies targeting Chennai as your market, investing in Local SEO in Chennai will give you the right audience for your market and ads.

Local SEO Provides High Conversion Rate

Looking to turn your audience in Chennai to long-lasting customers, Local SEO is your best shot. 78% of local location-based mobile searches lead to offline purchases. Similarly, 88% of online searches for local businesses translate to store visits within 5 miles. Take advantage of Local SEO now and get your audience visiting your stores as potential customers.

Local SEO Helps To Create Your Brand Awareness Locally

Local SEO helps you to get ranked either in Google’s “Snack Pack” or in the organic search results in local searches in Chennai. Snack pack gets about 33% of clicks while organic search gets 44% of click this offers you a better platform to be found by locals.

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Techniques Used

There are several techniques used to claim positions in search results. Search is not only done via Google but it is also done via other search engines like Bing, Yelp, Apple Maps. However, Google takes 87% of the market share. Google search results are categorized into “Snack pack” which is a list of top 3 three local businesses and “regular” organic results. To top these lists, here are the techniques to use:

Keyword Research

WebCrawler look for keywords on websites. The high the number of keywords about the search item on your website the better the rank you will have on a search result. Thus, researching the keywords related to your genre of business and applying them to SEO immensely influences the SEO results.

GMB Optimization

Google My Business allows you to list your business online and allow them to manage their online presence Google. Moz listed Google my Business as the number one factor for local ranking. It is this data that will get you ranked on Google’s “snack pack”. Here you can create you online location based on you physical location in Chennai.

Local Citations

Local Citation simply means getting your business Name, Address, and phone set up on relevant directories online. Some studies have shown that local citations account for 13% ranking factors. NAP will help people to get your business contacts and physical location in Chennai.

On-Page SEO

On-page SEO is also as important as other SEO factors. It is the process of optimizing your pages to rank keywords that people are searching for. It can involve structuring your website landing pages, allowing schema display of your NAP, optimizing your title, header, meta descriptions, and website page contents.

Link Building

Local link building is specific and is only targeted on locally targeted resource listings and blogs. Local link building may require you to partner with other organizations or influencers in Chennai, join active professional groups, or even take part in charity works.


Getting local reviews from people around Chennai is a great way to boost your online trust. Getting positive reviews can even build you stronger links in your local.

How Local Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Services Help Your Business Grow

Local Search Engine Optimization will help you in the following five ways.

  • It will help you to build leads in Chennai that can help in customer retention, which is converting potential customers to long term customers.
  • Local SEO will promote the prominence of your business based on location searches in Chennai.
  • Local SEO provides local searches that are locally tailored for Chennai locality.
  • Local SEO will help you target the right audiences since it targets people who stay around where your goods or services are in Chennai.
  • Local SEO is the optimal strategy for your business to stay visible online in Chennai.

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