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Table of Contents

1. What are Long Tail Keywords?
2. How to find Long Tail Keywords?
3. Why are Long Tail Keywords Important For SEO?
4. How to Use Long-Tail Keywords
5. Types of Long Tail Keywords

A Detailed Guide on Long-tail Keywords

1. What are Long Tail Keywords?

Long Tail Keywords is a group of three or four words or phrases with niche or specific intent to buy or hire by the target client. Whenever a client utilizes a profoundly explicit search query, they will, in general, be searching for precisely what they are going to purchase.

2. How to find Long Tail Keywords?

1. Google “Searches Related to…”

 One can type in Google search bar about the term and watch till the last combination of keywords. Hence it shows the term. It is simply done by adding the term “Searches Related to…” before the search phrase or word and see the combinations emerging through the search.

2. Answer The Public

It is one kind of keyword research tool with a different method. One types the keyword term in the question bar and gets the questions, generally with all trending questions /queries regarding that term in a questioning format containing the term and new words.

These are the newest form of Long Tail keywords only.

3. Forums and Boards

For the particular keyword search, the same category of interested buyers/ people with the same search criteria finds ways on common platforms resolving or finding exact keyword terms, i.e., forums or boards of the same target business area. One can type the base keyword with a combination of Forum name, Board names.

After getting the required Forum / Board, one can search in the latest chat history for the newest keyword suggestion with long words, phrases used in the chat comments with various combinations.

4. Google Autocomplete

It is nothing but a regular Google search with the word or phrase. One can type it in the search bar and can also add some letters. Google does work with suggestions. It will show all possible combinations for that word with the letter attached.

5. Keywordtool.io and Ubersuggest

These are two keyword finding tools that run on the same principle of Google Autocomplete in some way or another. Moreover, they give many keyword ideas/suggestions in combinations for the query word.

6. Google

It is another keyword research tool. It gives keywords ideas from sites like Amazon, Ask.com, We Tube, and Wikipedia. It finds those tough keyword suggestions, hard to find by the competitors.

7. People Also Ask Boxes(Related Questions)

In the usual Google search method, once we get search results for the search base word, it also shows people Ask Boxes with links. If we explore any of the links, it answers that clicked question with the keyword included. But it also gives some more question links related to the base keyword further. The SEO tool like Wonder search gives all the possible search results for the base keyword when browsed.

8. Google Search Console Performance Report

It gives the keyword we are looking for, due to which our website is getting the top rank even. It happens due to the auto optimized ranking feature of Google search Pages, which occurs without our SEO efforts; hence it provides high responses to the suitable long keyword suggestions from surfers on the net. We can easily find a place on the 2nd or 3rd search page by GSC’s performance report.

 In GSC, the pages tab of the Queries search option helps to find a suitable keyword for our topic via which we can discover its rank of the keyword via keyword planner and position details of it.

9. Google Trends

It made for current updates and search trends. We can search the up or downtrend for the selected keyword or our expected ranked keyword also. We can check its search volume over time and news headings. If we choose to trend up keywords and can search in related queries, we will get little known keywords, which are hard to get from other finding tools.

10. Quora

It is an excellent Questions and Answers forum site for all our queries in topic wise. One needs to create an account of the user and login to it. Then via the search bar, one can input a keyword or phrase and get all questions and answers for that topic with popular answers. It also gives short keywords via good search volumes. One can copy-paste or can get/create new keyword ideas through the shown keywords in those answers and questions, too.

3. Why are Long Tail Keywords Important For SEO?

Reason #1: Long-tail keywords aren’t that competitive

They have very little competition for search. As per the searches done, the most popular among them are those which consist of shorter keywords. So, it helps improve the site’s ranking due to fewer search results for longer phrases, which are precisely opposite to shorter ones, whose search term results are in some lakhs even as well.

Reason #2: Long tail keywords have high conversion rates

Conversions are high with long-tail keywords because people searching with them are expert buyers mostly. The decision making is certain and is about almost at the specific requirement level.

 4. How to Use Long-Tail Keywords

Option #1: Create a Piece of Content Optimized Around That Term

For an available Long Tail Keyword, we need to create a particular posting on Blogging or a similar platform. It attracts related topic searches, i.e., suitable audience traffic for that specific post or content published on that site. It automatically gives the top Google rank because of less competition for such keywords. But over the period, we need to create such posts in combination with the same Long Tail Keyword for multiplication of audience or traffic. Else it will face fixed average monthly traffic.

Option #2: Sprinkle Long Tail Keywords Into our Content

Apart from the use of medium and short keywords, we need to use long-tail keywords in the content regularly. We need to improve their density across the content/post. It will give the top ranking in Google accordingly.

5. Types of Long Tail Keywords

1. Long-Tail Keywords that are specific to a product or service

This type of Long Tail keywords is mostly regarding a particular product or service, based on its purchase, pricing, offers, discounts, payment methods, etc. It is based on the buyer’s intention like” I want to buy Adidas Shoes in MRP….”.

2. Location-based long-tail keywords

The example for this will be “the best cuisine at Hilton Paris.” In this type of Long Tail Keyword location relevance is a must. The location reference is the major part of the keyword.

3. Solution for their problem

This type of Long Term Keyword provides the question format keywords like”, Which is the best brand in health and fitness today. It is the specific search with demand for specific, to the point answer.

4. How to or detailed step-by-step guide

This type of Long Term Keyword is a fixed question for a long term process or guide of doing things in a proper sequence. The appropriate example is “how to create a blog from scratch” or “Step-by-step guide for creating your blog.”

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